SAN FRANCISCO -- 26 Dec 2007: Tiger Attacks, Kills At Zoo

A Siberian Tiger known as 'Tatiana' has attacked and killed a visitor to the San Francisco Zoo. Tatiana is seen in the photograph at left.

The attack occurred just after closing time on Christmas Day. The tiger apparently left its enclosure and mauled three victims, one fatally. The victim was described as a man in his 20's. The same tiger, a 350-pound four-year-old female, was involved in a mauling incident at the same zoo on 22 December 2006. In the earlier attack, a zookeeper lost most of the flesh from one arm when the tiger was able to grab her as she stood near the cage.

The tiger seems to have traveled some 300 yards from the scene of the initial attack to the zoo's Terrace Cafe area, where two more patrons were mauled. Eventually, four heavily armed police officers killed Tatiana with a fusillade from their .40-caliber handguns.

Read full stories in the San Francisco Chronicle and the San Francisco Examiner.

UPDATE: 2007-12-26 5:00PM PST The dead man was identified as Carlos Sousa, Jr., 17, of San Jose, and the two injured at the cafe were described as Sousa's friends. Investigators are continue to search for clues. The possibility that the tiger was intentionally released has not been ruled out. Read more in this San Francisco Chronicle story.