Pit Bull Roundup - 14 Jan 2005

The controversial breed has appeared in a number of stories this week. In Lake Tahoe, CA, a man killed a pit bull as it attacked his pet Jack Russell terrier. Link.

In Sao, Paolo, Brazil, an alleged alcoholic was arrested after throwing his 88-year-old mother into a neighbor's yard, where she was mauled to death by a pair of pit bulls. Link.

In Yonkers, NY, a three-year-old is recovering from a New Year's Day attack. Link.

In Tarentum, PA (near Pittsburgh), a 13 year-old girl was attacked. Link. Continued...

Meanwhile, there are moves in several locations to selectively ban the breed. In Council Bluffs, IA, a ban already in force will continue. Link.

In Ontario, Canada, a proposed ban has created some local opposition. Link.

The Quebec town of St Leonard is also considering a ban. Link. Similar moves in the Arizona community of Show Low have generated opposition as well. Link.