Pet monkey behind recent spate of attacks?

February 18 2012 - South Africa - Cindy Paine, 32, woke screaming in pain with blood spurting from her arm after being bitten by a marauding monkey.

The South Coast resident from Glenmore Beach is the third person recently attacked by a monkey while fast asleep, with animal rights activist Steve Smit suspecting a former pet monkey may be responsible for all three attacks.

On Friday, Paine said she went to lie down on the couch on Saturday, February 4, with her one-year-old daughter Abigail next to her on a baby cushion on the floor.

“I had my arm over my eyes and woke with this incredible pain. Blood was spurting from my arm. I saw a flash and this monkey standing up behind me on the back of the couch,” said Paine.

In a desperate effort to save her baby from harm, Paine said she leapt to her feet and pushed her sleeping baby towards the corner of the room.

“I was just screaming and I saw about 12 other monkeys sitting outside on the gate, watching what was happening,” said Paine. Read full report here