Himachal witnessed 306 leopard attacks on human in last decade

June 11, 2015 - SHIMLA: Himachal Pradesh has witnessed 306 cases of Leopards attack on humans during last 10 years. In few pockets in Shimla, Mandi and Hamirpur districts 219 cases of mauling were reported in last seven years. Wildlife officials claim that there has been decline in leopards attacks on humans. According to a decade old survey there are around 700 Leopards in Himachal Pradesh.

In a bid to reduce the man-animal conflict now the state wild life department is making efforts to create awareness among people and to carry out sensitization programmes all over the state on issues of man-animal conflict and to ensure peaceful co-existence of leopards with humans.

Barring tribal areas, Leopard are found throughout the state and it has been found that Leopard attack is more prevalent in lower and middle Himalayan region compared to the higher reaches and attack on livestock in forest areas and cowsheds is a common feature while lifting of dogs is a routine. Full Report