Animal Attack Files - Mid-February 2005 Update

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Hello, and thank you for supporting the Animal Attack Files. We hope that our new site design is proving useful and easy to read.

You may notice that we have begun to consolidate certain types of attack news. For example, since Pit Bull attacks seem to be relatively common in the news that we cover, we have decided to try to group them together into a Pit Bull Update, which will be issued when the number of attacks seems to be large enough to merit this type of story. Unusual incidents will be reported as we learn of them.

Over the past eight years we have received a number of emails inquiring as to our editorial position. The Animal Attack Files is not anti-animal, nor are we anti- any species or breed (like Pit Bulls!) We are also not in favor of attacks - that is, we do not 'root for' sharks, crocodiles or wolves devouring people. We do try to act as a central repository of news about attacks. Virtually all of the stories on our Site have been reported by the wire services, major newspapers or on other websites. We try to present as many stories as we can (and of course we do miss some, which is why we appreciate our correspondents) - we leave it up to you, our readers, to form your own opinions. If and when we decide to express an editorial opinion, we will clearly identify it as such.

Please feel free to submit your comments and suggestions. While the volume of our email is too large for us to respond to each person who contacts us, we do read each one.

Finally, we hope that you consider purchasing a book from our Bookstore or perhaps some branded AAF merchandise, like our T-Shirts or coffee cups. The modest revenue we receive from these sources helps us to partly defray the expenses of running the Site.