Bodega Bay, CA - 19 October 2005: Surfer Reports 'Sharky Feeling' Before Great White Attack

"It was weird. I was sitting out there thinking, 'Wow, this feels shark-y to me,'" Megan Halavais, 20, said. "It was straight out of 'Jaws.'"

In an interview at Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital, the surfer went on, "A 16-foot shark is a big shark. It's not just 16 feet in length. It's big. I couldn't fit my arms around its tail. Its fin, its main dorsal fin, was like taller than me." The shark struck her from behind. Halavais fought back and was rescued by other surfers.

Stories from the Washington Post and the San Francisco Chronicle. Video coverage available from Sacramento's CBS Affiliate. (look for the Flash movie) and from this link.