California - 1 November 2005: Deer Attacks Puzzle Wildlife Officials

Two recent deer attacks against people and three against neighborhood pets have prompted California wildlife officials to warn people to keep their distance from the wild animals.

In one of these attacks, a male deer attacked Ron Dudek, 73, in Rancho Santa Fe in Southern California as he was picking tomatoes in his garden on Sept. 25. The 6-foot-tall buck charged out of a patch of shrubbery and gored Dudek in the face before running off. Dudek was rushed to the hospital. He received 220 stitches for the wounds, but died from a pulmonary blood clot resulting from the encounter in mid-October. (See this San Francisco Chronicle story or this story in the Lake County, CA Record-Bee for more information.)

The Animal Attack Files commends ABCNEWS.COM reporter Amanda Onion for this special report.

(The photo, of an attack in Orinda, CA, is credited to Louis Pimentel.)