Half Moon Bay, CA - 3 November 2005: Shark Attack Leaves Surfer OK, Tooth in Surfboard

A 25-year-old man survived a close call with a shark Wednesday evening (2 November.) Tim West said he was surfing Mavericks, the world-famous surf break off this city about 30 miles south of San Francisco, when the shark came up directly beneath him and knocked him about 2 feet into the air. He was unharmed but the attack left a tooth in his board.

"It makes you think twice, but it's going to happen — it's shark season," said another local surfer, Libby Grestin.

Indeed. Experts are surprised there have not been more recent shark attacks in the area because great whites are usually close to shore this time of year searching for food. Read stories from Global Surf News, KRON-4, KSBWChannel.com, and NBC17.com.