Alligator Attacks Plague Florida

Miami - May 14, 2006: Two women have been reported killed by alligators in Florida, less than a week after another female was reportedly stalked and killed by an alligator while jogging [see story below].

One victim, 23 years old, appears to have been killed near the isolated cabin she was staying in, near Lake George (about 50 miles from Gainesville.) She may have been snorkeling in the lake.

A second victim, 43, was found in a dead in a canal near St. Petersburg. The body had "suffered animal bites" consistent with alligator marks, but investigators were not prepared to state a cause of death.

Read the full AP story on the San Jose Mercury Web site.

In a related development, investigators have trapped and killed the alligator believed responsible for the first killing [again, see the story below], and have found human arms in the animal's belly. The story is on the St. Petersburg Times Web site.