Germany, India - 11 Nov 2006: Separate Leopard Attacks Kill 2

A 23-year-old female worker at the Chemnitz (Eastern Germany) Zoo was attacked and killed while cleaning the enclosure used for the zoo's two Persian leopards. In 2004, a female keeper at this zoo was badly mauled by a lion. A police spokeswoman was quoted as saying she died immediately.

According to reports, the zookeeper had only recently completed training. She may not have properly locked the door to a cage in the rear of the animals' enclosure where the leopards were supposed to be confined during cleaning.

More on this story (with video) is available from Austin's, and from Germany's Spiegel Online.

In other leopard news, a four-year-old Vadodara, India, girl was killed by a leopard on Nov 6. The feline dragged her off while she was sleeping near her mother outdoors. According to Limkheda Range Forest Officer (RFO) Narendra Chauhan, the leopard picked up the child and dragged her to a nearby riverbed, where she was found dead of serious head wounds. A 50-year-old man was also reportedly attacked by a leopard in the Devgarh Baria division at about the same time, but he survived.

More information on the Indian leopard attacks may be found at the Ahmedabad Newsline web site.