Clintondale, PA - 17 Nov 2006: 7-point Buck Attacks, Seriously Injures Couple

Police intervention is credited with saving the lives of an elderly couple in this central Pennsylvania town, after a deer attack on 15 November. The 7-point buck threatened a woman when she tried to go into her backyard to feed cats. When a man in the house attempted to chase the deer away, the buck repeatedly charged and gored him.

State Police Cpl. Todd A. Brian and Trooper Stephen E. Wilcox responded and found the deer attacking the woman, who had entered the backyard in an attempt to stop the deer from attacking the man. Brian had to wrestle the deer away by its antlers.The troopers finally shot the and killed the deer.

Both residents of the house were seriously injured, police said.

The full story is online at the Star-Gazette web site.