Veitshöchheim, Bavaria - 25 Nov 2006: Wild Boars Injure Cyclists, Damage Shops

A troop of up to 15 wild boars invaded this town of about 10,000 near Wurzburg in southern Germany on Saturday after being chased from a nearby cemetery by hunters.

Once in the town center, they rampaged into shops, bit several people and knocked a woman off of a bicycle. One of the boars broke into a gift shop where it knocked over and destroyed thousands of dollars worth of goods, and drove the shopkeeper into the rear where she had to call police.

Police shot three of the large animals, according to various wire reports. Another was hit by a car. The remaining boars eventually fled across a river out of town.

Boars are becoming more common in the area, and like to feed on the corn grown locally. Britain's The Independent claims this incident may be one of the most devastating attacks by wild boars on record.

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