Cincinnati, OH - 16 Dec 2006: 13 Foot Boa Strangles Owner

Boa owner Ted Dres, of Cincinnati, was crushed Saturday by a pet snake he had owned for 11 years. The snake was still strangling the 48-year-old Dres when rescuers entered his home. According to the victim's mother, Elaine,

"He had a special cage built for his python. He was going into the cage and I don't know if he slipped or what, but he fell as he was reaching for the snake,'' Mrs Dres said.

"The snake sensed that Ted was dazed and wrapped itself around him.

"If Ted hadn't fallen this wouldn't have happened."

She also indicated that "I couldn't have the snake put down, Ted wouldn't want that. Even though it killed him, Ted wouldn't want it harmed."

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