Veitshöchheim, Bavaria - 25 Nov 2006: Wild Boars Injure Cyclists, Damage Shops

A troop of up to 15 wild boars invaded this town of about 10,000 near Wurzburg in southern Germany on Saturday after being chased from a nearby cemetery by hunters.

Once in the town center, they rampaged into shops, bit several people and knocked a woman off of a bicycle. One of the boars broke into a gift shop where it knocked over and destroyed thousands of dollars worth of goods, and drove the shopkeeper into the rear where she had to call police.

Police shot three of the large animals, according to various wire reports. Another was hit by a car. The remaining boars eventually fled across a river out of town.

Boars are becoming more common in the area, and like to feed on the corn grown locally. Britain's The Independent claims this incident may be one of the most devastating attacks by wild boars on record.

Read the story online at the Spiegel web site, with more from The Guardian.

Bloomington, MN - 24 Nov 2006: Wild Turkey Attacks Home on Thanksgiving

A wild turkey here burst through a family's dining-room picture window and created havoc as they were preparing a Thanksgiving Day dinner.

The homeowner was in her kitchen cooking food bring to a relative when the bird crashed through the glass window. "He was huge -- two or three feet tall," she said.

Oddly, the same family experienced a similar event on Christmas Day, 2004, in a story confirmed by local police. In that incident neighbors spotted a hole in the same window, about 16 feet off the ground. The incident resulted in an insurance claim of nearly $10,000.

Read the full story online at the Minneapolis Star-Tribune web site.

Grottoes, VA - 20 Nov 2006: Black Bear Mauls Hunter

Sixty-year-old Thurman Hensley was hunting on the last day of the muzzle-loader bear season when he spotted a bear and then shot it. That's when his troubles began.

As he went up to the 600-pound black bear to check it, it jumped up and mauled him. Hensley was airlifted to the University of Virginia Medical Center and underwent emergency surgery Friday afternoon. He was initially listed in "fair" condition. UVA officials have since upgraded that to 'good' condition.

The game warden says when Hensley was being attacked, the other hunters with him shot and killed the bear. Hours after the attack, the bear was brought out of the woods by the game warden. Officials report this is the first bear attack on a Virginia hunter in eight years.

Read more in stories on's web site, and in this report from, and finally in the Rocktown Weekly.

Edmonton, Alberta - 20 Nov 2006: Coyote Attacks Ten-year-old

A coyote has attacked a pair of children playing in a back yard in Edmonton. The animal fled after the children responded by yelling and kicking. It was eventually cornered and shot by authorities. The children, while bitten, were not seriously injured.

The coyote attacked the children while they were having a snowball fight in a backyard in central Edmonton. Neighbours had seen the coyote eating garbage and wandering around the area in the last week, said the father of one of the victims.

Read the entire story at the Winnipeg Free Press.

Bedford, IN - 17 Nov 2006: Horse Attacks Real Estate Agent

A horse has bitten and battered a female real estate agent in Bedford, a small town about 65 miles from Indianapolis. The agent, who was showing a property to a client at the time, suffered bruises to her hand and chest.

According to the reporter:

"We were just kind of standing there and the horse just kind of pulled its head back and reared her in the chest," said Diana Ritter, the client. "We were both worried that it would come over that fence. I love horses, but that one, I don't know about. It had some sort of problem."

Read the whole story on

Clintondale, PA - 17 Nov 2006: 7-point Buck Attacks, Seriously Injures Couple

Police intervention is credited with saving the lives of an elderly couple in this central Pennsylvania town, after a deer attack on 15 November. The 7-point buck threatened a woman when she tried to go into her backyard to feed cats. When a man in the house attempted to chase the deer away, the buck repeatedly charged and gored him.

State Police Cpl. Todd A. Brian and Trooper Stephen E. Wilcox responded and found the deer attacking the woman, who had entered the backyard in an attempt to stop the deer from attacking the man. Brian had to wrestle the deer away by its antlers.The troopers finally shot the and killed the deer.

Both residents of the house were seriously injured, police said.

The full story is online at the Star-Gazette web site.

Whitefish Bay, BC - 17 Nov 2006: Mountain Lion Attacks Student, 13

From the story:

The student from Baibombeh Anishinabe School in Whitefish Bay, Riley Joseph, 13, described the incident during an interview Wednesday.

“I was just walking home, then I saw it coming. I started running, then it jumped me,” the Grade 7 student said. After being knocked to the ground, he rolled onto his back, and the animal scratched his chest and arms.

THe full story is available on the website of the Kenora Daily Miner. Kenora is east of Winnipeg on Canada's Lake of the Woods.

San Francisco, CA - 15 Nov 2006: Sea Lion Attacks Swimmers

First reports described the marine animal as a 'bloodthirsty' baby seal, and said it had bitten as many as fourteen swimmers at San Francisco's Aquatic Park, drawing blood from three of them. None of the injuries were considered to be life-threatening. From the story:

“I have never seen anything like this, and I have been swimming here since I was a kid, and I am a pretty old guy,” said Lou Marcelli of the Dolphin Swimming Club, one of the victims. He said the seal bumped him and left a bruise. Marcelli, who swims at the park daily, said the last time he can recall an attack was 18 years ago.

However officials are not entirely whether a seal or a sea lion is to blame for the attacks. The investigation continues.

The entire post may be read online at the San Francisco Examiner web site.

UPDATE: Fox News reports that the animal is indeed a sea lion.

UPDATE 2: The San Francisco Chronicle confirms the sea lion story.

UPDATE 3:The swimming area remains closed as of 18 Nov. Story from

Germany, India - 11 Nov 2006: Separate Leopard Attacks Kill 2

A 23-year-old female worker at the Chemnitz (Eastern Germany) Zoo was attacked and killed while cleaning the enclosure used for the zoo's two Persian leopards. In 2004, a female keeper at this zoo was badly mauled by a lion. A police spokeswoman was quoted as saying she died immediately.

According to reports, the zookeeper had only recently completed training. She may not have properly locked the door to a cage in the rear of the animals' enclosure where the leopards were supposed to be confined during cleaning.

More on this story (with video) is available from Austin's, and from Germany's Spiegel Online.

In other leopard news, a four-year-old Vadodara, India, girl was killed by a leopard on Nov 6. The feline dragged her off while she was sleeping near her mother outdoors. According to Limkheda Range Forest Officer (RFO) Narendra Chauhan, the leopard picked up the child and dragged her to a nearby riverbed, where she was found dead of serious head wounds. A 50-year-old man was also reportedly attacked by a leopard in the Devgarh Baria division at about the same time, but he survived.

More information on the Indian leopard attacks may be found at the Ahmedabad Newsline web site.

Maui, HI - 11 Nov 2006: Shark Attacks Swimmer

A man visiting Maui from Vancouver, BC., is said to be in stable condition after being attacked by an 8 foot shark.

"He was screaming, 'Shark!'" said Brad Quinto, the county's acting water safety captain for South Maui.

"He was swimming along when just all of a sudden it got him," the victim's twin brother said. "He pulled away and kicked it off, and it took off right away." The victim is in Hawaii for to serve as best man at a friend's wedding.

More information is available at the Honolulu Star-Bulletin and at Fox News.

Gatlinburg, TN - 31 Oct 2006: Bears Attack Woman At Her Home

A woman returning to her home with her dog was attacked by a black bear as she turned a corner of her cabin. According to police reports the female bear lunged at her, knocked her down and bit her several times. It picked up her dog, and then dropped it and ran off. Officials later shot and killed the bear and two cubs (pictured here).

The bears had been seen before in the city's Heiden Road area, and further reports indicate that they had been rummaging through open Dumpsters.

Information is available from Knoxville's and the web site of the Mountain Press.

Lake Forest, CA - 9 Nov 2006: Bee Swarm Attacks Dogs, Walker

An aggressive swarm of bees -- estimated as numbering 60,000 -- has attacked a woman who was walking her four dogs (shown here in an NBC11.COM photo) near an apartment complex in this Orange County (California) town.

Emergency workers responded to a scene where they found swarming bees and a screaming woman. She was taken to a local hospital in good condition. The dogs were also expected to survive.

There are web stories at and

Tucson, AZ - 6 Nov 2006: People Attacked By Coyotes, Javelina

Javelina or Collared Peccary

The Tucson area has seen several attacks in the last week. Four people have been bitten by a possibly rabid coyote in the Green Valley area, and a woman was attacked by a javelina (also known as a collared peccary, shown here) on the 1st of November.

The full story is available on the Fox11 Web Site.

London, KY - 7 Nov 2006: Woman Fatally Bitten by Snake in Church

A woman from this small town midway between Lexington, KY and Knoxville, TN was proounced dead on Sunday, 5 Nov, about four hours after she was struck by a serpent.

The snake was reportedly a timber rattlesnake, croatalus horridus.

A detective with the Laurel County Sheriff's Office said that Linda Long, 48, was attending a service at East London Holiness Church, which reportedly practices serpent handling. Handling reptiles as part of religious services is a misdemeanor in Kentucky, punishable by a small fine.

More information is available from First Coast News and AP, via the San Francisco Chronicle.

Billings, MT - 3 Nov 2006: Federal Agents Kill Wolf Suspected Of 120 Sheep Attacks

Federal agents on Thursday, 2 November, shot and killed a 106-pound male wolf pictured here. The wolf was believed to have killed as many as 120 sheep.

Livestock owners in the eastern Montana counties of Garfield, McCone and Dawson had suspected their losses were due to wolf predation, a controversial topic in Montana.

The head of Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks' wolf program, said that the agency was confident this was the wolf responsible, and considers the chapter closed.

The animal was a male about 4 years old and in good condition, with an unusual reddish color.

Read the complete story on the Billings Gazette web site.

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