Alligator Attacks, Kills Jogger

Sunrise, FL - May 10, 2006: Construction workers found the dismembered body of a Davie woman on Wednesday who was attacked by an alligator after she went out for a nightly jog, authorities say.

"We have witnesses and we have physical evidence to support our theory that the young lady was dragged into the water and attacked," said a spokesman for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission, who also acknowledged that "We may never know."

Read the full story from Florida's Sun-Sentinel here.

UPDATE: Evidence now reveals the alligator probably stalked and killed the jogger on land, then dragged his prey into the water. The story, from WKMG-TV's quotes the Broward County medical examiner:

"It is my professional opinion that the alligator attacked the woman while she was on land," said Dr. Joshua Perper. "She died of traumatic injuries sustained by an alligator attack, a mixture of blood loss and shock, and in my opinion died very fast."

The photograph above is from a story about alligators and drunks on the satirical website The Onion.

Bear attacks hunter near Olympic National Park

Forks, WA - April 24, 2006: A man injured by a black bear had been chasing the animal on private timberland when the bear turned the tables on its pursuers, the investigating officer said Sunday. News Tribune, Tacoma

Recent Bear Attacks Are "Freak Occurrences," Experts Say

April 24, 2006: Bear attacks are freak occurrences and remain exceptionally rare

Chimps Kill In Sierra Leone

Freetown, Sierra Leone - 24 April 2006: Armed police are searching an area of Sierra Leone for a group of up to 24 chimps, after four men were attacked on Sunday in the Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary.

Chimps killed and mutilated the driver and another Sierra Leone man. Two Americans were seriously injured and remain in a hospital in the capital, Freetown. Read the BBC story here.

Two Siavonga men hospitalised after croc, hippo attack

Siavonga, Zambia - April 23, 2006: Two men have been hospitalised in the district hospital after a crocodile and hippo attacked Zambia News Agency

Two Dogs Attack Woman In Boston's South End

Boston, MA - 21 April 2006: A woman's finger was bitten by two dogs Thursday night in Boston's South End neighborhood, police said.

Fad of taking photos with tiger cubs brings danger later

Minneapolis, MN - 21 April 2006: Those cute tiger cubs that pose with smiling children for photos at shopping malls and county fairs across the country are all the rage, but the cubs lose their value when they grow big enough to hurt somebody. Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune

Turkeys shake up police officers

Madison WI - 19 april 2006: City police confirmed a vicious wild turkey broke into a house Badger Herald

Bear studied for evidence

Knoxville, TN - 18 April 2006: Hunger probably behind attack Knoxville News

Attacks bear watching

17 April 2006: Wildlife scored again, this time in Tennessee. This time, a black bear. World Net Daily

Mountain lion attacks boy on Boulder trail

Boulder, CO - 16 April 2006: Members of a 7-year-old boy's family drove off a mountain lion that attacked him on a trail on Flagstaff Mountain late Saturday. Denver Post

Killer bear attacks Ohio family

Benton, TN - 14 April 2006: Using traps baited with honey buns and doughnuts, officials today tried to track down a black bear that killed a 6-year-old Ohio girl and critically injured her mother and 2-year-old brother. Columbus Dispatch

Bear eludes traps & snares for second day

Chattanooga, TN - 14 April 2006: Baited traps and snares failed for a second day Saturday to catch a black bear near the mountaintop swimming hole where one of the normally shy animals killed a 6-year-old Ohio girl described as an animal

Cougar sighted near The City

San Franciso, CA - 10 April 2006: A mountain lion has been seen intermittently on San Bruno Mountain

Experts say: Learn to live with alligators

Naples, FL - 9 April 2006: Warmer temperatures, dry weather bring out more of the reptiles read story

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