Everglades, FL - 5 Oct 2005: Python Battles Gator To The Death

Apparently both species lost. The snake tried to swallow the gator whole - and then exploded. Scientists stumbled upon the gory remains last week. The Associated Press story is here.

Newport, CA - 14 September, 2005: Sea Lions Mob, Sink Sailboat

It may sound funny - unless it's your boat. 18 or more of the giant pinnipeds piled onto a 37-foot sailboat in Newport Harbor, near Los Angeles, and sank it. The Harbor Commission is now forced to confront what it fears may be an invasion. Along the West Coast, said marine biologist Doyle Hanan, "it's a growing problem and it's going to continue to grow." The U.S. West Coast Sea Lion population is presently estimated to be between 300,000 to 400,000 animals.

Los Angeles Times link here. An audio report from odeo.com is available here.


Santa Barbara, CA - 6 July 2005: Sea Lion Attacks Lifeguard

Officials said Jim West was bitten three times while he swam about 50 yards offshore. West needed about 30 stitches after the attack. Read more in this
local6.com story.

Note this is not the only recent attack of this kind on the West Coast. This archived story from the Anchorage Daily News in Alaska interviews the survivor of a 2004 attack by a 1200-pound Sea Lion.



Attleboro, MA - 9 May 2005: Goose Attack Leads To 'Goose Rage' Incident

Police said an adult goose hissed at John A. Sanders, a project manager for Texas Instruments, while he was walking on company property. He slipped and fell in the mud, and ''angered by this fall, he began his rampage, chasing goslings and kicking them." Boston Globe story.

Seattle - 9 May 2005: Dog Kills Cat; Owner Owes $45,480

Seattle District Court Judge Barbara Linde has ordered the owner of a Chow which repeatly escaped to pay $45,480.12 to the owner of a cat who was killed by the dog in 2004. (At right, the owner points to the scene of the event.) The Chow's owner did not dispute that his dog killed the cat. The Seattle Times has the story.

Columbus, GA - 7 May, 2005: Rabid fox attacks 7-year-old

Thinking a family cat was trying to get in, she opened the door.
Quickly, a fox leaped inside and attacked. Columbus Ledger-Enquirer

Sydney, Australia - 6 May, 2005: Kangaroo Attacks on the Rise

Kangaroo Attacks in Australia Spotlight Growing Turf War. National Geographic News

Kalamazoo, MI - 6 May 2005: Special Report on Vicious Dogs

More than four million Americans were bitten by dogs last year. Do you know what to do? Advice and video by News 3

Carlsbad, NM - 6 May, 2005: Giant Swarm of Bees Attacks

Swarm of 200,000 bees from a 4-foot by 8-foot hive stung four dogs, the owner of the dogs and local firefighters and law enforcement. Carlsbad-Argus story

Albrightsville, PA - 4 May 2005: Woman, 21, Attacked By Bear

Kathleen Feeney, 21, of Philadelphia, was camping at Hickory Run State Park when a bear tore off her poncho and sweat shirt, clawed at her back and bit her head. ABC News 7Online.com story.


Albrohos Islands, Australia - 19 Mar 2005: Shark Bites Man In Half

The 26-year-old victim was a deck hand on a pleasure boat. He was attacked by a 20-foot shark while snorkeling near these Western Australia islands. Thanks to AAF Special Correspondent JDV for this link.

The Sunday Times is reporting that the shark was a Great White, also known in Australia as a White Pointer.

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