Tiger Trainer Mauled by 500 lb. Bengal Tiger

St. Paul, MN - 8 April 2006: Tiger trainer was fearless, but one cat was a killer. read story

JACKSONVILLE, N.C. - 6 April 2006: Bull Attacks Sheriff's Deputy's Car

Bull caused more than $1,000 in damages to patrol car. read story

Tucson, AZ - 4 April 2006: Bobcat Attacks Tucson Golfer

An injured bobcat attacked a golfer on a fairway at Skyline Country Club Tuesday morning, seriously injuring him, authorities said. read story

Chicago, IL - 3 April 2006: Woman Wins Battle with Coyote Over Poodle

Suddenly the animal - a wild-eyed, snarling coyote - lunged for her 4-year-old miniature poodle, Annie. Read story

East Naples, FL - 2 April 2006: Man Crashes Car After Snake Attacks Him

Pet snake he had wrapped around his neck began attacking him Read story

Norwich, UK - 2 March 2006: Giant Eagle Owl Attacks Five Dogs.

A giant owl has been terrorizing the area around Saxlingham Nethergate, near Norwich. At least five dogs have been repeatedly targeted by the European eagle owl - the biggest of all the owl species.

On one occasion, an 84-year-old man, Jack Simmons, had to wade in with a broom handle to fend off the bird, which has a wingspan of more than 5ft, after it swooped from a roof and tried to grab Heidi, his 13-year-old miniature wire-haired dachshund.

Read about the capture of this owl in the London Daily Telegraph story.

Darwin, Australia - 15 Feb 2006: Poison Toads May Be Evolving Into Faster Version

Bufo Marinus, the poisonous cane toad, was introduced from South America to Australia in the 1930s. Farmers originally welcomed them, since they devoured the sugar cane beetle which destroyed a valuable crop.

The introduction has gone badly wrong, however. The giant -- up to five pound -- toads attack and kill snakes, lizards, water birds - even crocodiles and dingos - basically, everything in their way. And now they seem to be developing the ability to cover huge distances as well.

Read the entire story on BBC.com.

Brisbane, Australia - 13 Feb 2006: Sharks In A Feeding Frenzy Close Beach

"When they (sharks) feed on the bait fish they do close their eyes and there is a danger of collision," said a local wildlife official. "If they are chomping, they could very easily chomp on humans."

Read the full Fox News story.

Moorpark, CA - 6 February 2006: Kangaroo Attacked By Wolf Gets Reconstructive Surgery

Feznick, a kangaroo used in Hollywood roles for marsupials, was attacked last year when he stuck his snout under a fence which separated him from a wolf. Veterinarians were called in to repair cosmetic damage to his lip - which limited his value as a movie animal. The AP Story was printed in the Sacramento Bee.

Lunenburg, MA - 4 February 2006: Bull Mastiff Attacks, Kills 7-year-old

The Boston Globe, among other papers, reports that young Connor Lourens, a first-grade pupil, was mauled to death while playing at his neighbor's house by their Bull Mastiff. Male of this breed normally weigh 120 pounds or more. From the Bulldogbreeds.com
Web site:
Loving, courageous, loyal; Tolerates children; Should be socialized with other animals at an early age.

Virginia, IL - 17 January 2006: Bobcat Suspected in Attack as Woman Walks Dog

Karen Ackerman, 40, was walking her mother's miniature dachshund, when, she said, "it actually growled, and I knew something was coming at me. I turned around to get into the house, and I wasn't quick enough. All of a sudden, I felt this big pressure on me, and it knocked me down into the bushes." Illinois conservation officials suspect the attacking animal may have been a bobcat. Bobcats are increasingly common in the southern part of the state.

The Web site of The State Journal-Register has the report.

Seattle - 27 December 2005: Video Captures Octopus Attack On Shark

Thanks to AAF correspondent JGwyer, who sends along this fascinating link to a video on Google's video service. Shown is an octopus as it attacks a shark at the Seattle Aquarium. The 2 1/2 minute video is attributed to Stevan Hogg.

Mumbai, India - 23 December 2005: Indian Expert Fears Leopard Attacks Cannot Be Stopped

Leopard attacks in the large Sanjay Gandhi National Park near Mumbai (formerly Bombay) are very likely to continue, the park's deputy conservator of forests has told Indian news service IANS. NewKerala.com has the story here.

In the wake of two recent attacks — Puja Pawar, a four-year-old girl, was dragged from outside her hut Dec 17 and killed by a leopard in the Manpada area of Thane district, and 50-year-old Laxman Choudhary was mauled on Dec 20 — P.N. Munde warned that man-animal conflict is only going to increase. Mumbai's population will likely grow to around 28.5 million by 2020 from the current 18.1 million, according to Washington, D.C.'s Population Institute.

"The leopard is a territorial animal and we cannot expect it to stay in one area. It has to move around," Munde said.

The park — located about 25 miles from Mumbai — saw 18 fatal and 12 non-fatal leopard attacks in 2004. Although a wall is presently under construction, there is no buffer area between the park and the city's shantytown suburbs.

Spotsylvania, VA - 22 December 2005: Owner Guilty In Pit Bull Manslaughter Trial

Deanna Large, 37, was found guilty in the death of Dorothy Sullivan (shown here with her pet shih tzu), who was attacked March 8 by three pit bulls while she walked her dog. Jurors saw autopsy photos showing pieces of Sullivan's scalp torn away and chunks torn from her arm and thigh.

Pit bull owner Large was also found guilty of two misdemeanor charges of allowing her dogs — detectives said at the trial that she kept as many as 13 of them in her double-wide trailer — to run loose.

Fox News covers the story here.

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