Caliente, CA - 06 Mar 2005: Ferocity of Chimp Attack Stuns Experts

More details have emerged in the California Chimp Attack. The most-seriously injured victim was the adoptive "father" of a chimp who was at the sanctuary for a "birthday party". Ape specialist Deborah Fouts, director of the Chimp and Human Communication Institute at Central Washington University, said the attack, by two other young males, may have been prompted by jealousy. The Boston Globe ran this story.

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A followup story is here.

Dumbarton, Scotland - 04 Mar 2005: Canine Suicides Baffle Experts

Five dogs have tragically leapt to their deaths from an ornamental bridge in recent months. Experts are baffled and troubled, saying that dogs normally have a very strong will to live. London's Independent link provided by AAF correspondent Ancym.

Anchorage AK - 3 March 2005: Moose Sits On 6-year-old, Is Killed

The moose was used to being fed by neighborhood children. Anchorage Daily News link.

Simi Valley, CA - 20 Feb 2005: Officials Track Giant Feline Near Los Angeles

The animal has not been identified, yet - but the footprints are saucer-sized. It has been seen by a few residents of this rural area near LA, and authorities fear that a 'privately-owned' tiger or African lion may be on the loose. Based on field evidence, trackers say the cat may weigh between 400 and 600 pounds. Read the Los Angeles Times story.

Winter Wolf Update - 19 Feb 2005

The website is reporting that bitter weather in the high Afghan mountains has driven wolves into populated areas. The official Bakhter News Agency reports that four villagers have been killed and eaten by wolves, and a further 22 have been bitten. Thanks to AAF Correspondent Mike E., who called our attention to this link, as well as the next story.

In Bulgaria, thousands of hunters are covering the countryside in an officially sanctioned wolf cull. The wolf population in the country is presently estimated at 2230, an 11% gain over the 2003 level. Attacks on livestock have increased, particularly in the area near the border with Greece. Read the Agence France Press story by clicking here.

Pit Bull Roundup -17 Feb 2005

A 70-year-old Lanett, AL woman was killed by a pit bull on Feb 4, 2005. She was attacked while walking on the street. The pit bull's owner has now been indicted for manslaughter.

A pit bull in New Zealand has been held after a serious attack on 11 Feb.

A Cincinnati area toddler is recovering after an attack by one of her family's two pit bulls, on 06 Feb.

A Plainville, CT woman was bitten by a 3-legged pit bull with a 'history of disobedience'.

The New York Post ran a gruesome headline over this story about a Valentine's Day pit bull attack on a grandmother as she left church. The dog had been adopted after being found in a park three weeks prior to the attack. Click here to read the rest of this Pit Bull Roundup.

Polk County, FL : 16 Feb 2005: Girl Attacked By Fox

The 3-year-old girl had been playing in her yard when the fox attacked. link.

Shreveport, LA - 14 Feb 2005: Panthers in Lousiana, Fact Or Fiction?

Writing in the Shreveport Times, Wiley Hilburn reviews evidence for and against the revival of the Louisiana strain of the Florida Panther. These animals are all classed, along with the more-familiar California mountain lions, as felis concolor. Read the story.

Jacksonville, FL - 14 Feb 2005: Shark Attacks Decline Due To Hurricanes

George Burgess of the prestigious Univ. of Florida International Shark Attack Files noted in his report that, while Florida led the nation with 12 attacks in 2004, that was a significant decline from the 30 bites reported in 2003. Florida Sun-Sentinel link.

Maharashtra Province, India - 13 Feb 2005: Second Leopard Attack Puts Village On Edge

A tribal resident of Borkhind village was sleeping outdoors when the animal attacked and left him wounded. Frightened villagers said that it was the second incident after a leopard earlier took a girl away. link.

Visalia, CA - 13 Feb 2005: Mountain Lion Hunting Season Proposed

Bill Maze, the Republican state assemblyman for the Visalia, CA area, has proposed lifting the 32-year-old statewide ban on hunting felis concolor. He cites public safety as the reason to reopen a limited season. Animal rights activists reacted with outrage to Maze’s proposal, pointing out that the state's voters have rejected similar proposals twice in the recent past. (San Francisco) link.

Houston, TX - 12 Feb 2005: Zoo Leopard Mauls Worker

The woman apparently took too long feeding the leopard, known as 'Zuma', and it reached through a gap in the fence. She was taken to a Houston hospital with an injured arm. Houston Community News link.

Bachelor Valley, CA - 12 Feb 2005: Mountain Lion Kills 4 Lambs

The animal (pictured at left) had entered a barn and killed the 40- to 50-pound lambs. The local game warden reported that the attack occurred in a barn about 150 yards from a house. A federal tracker eventually killed the lion. Lake County link.

Carlisle, PA - 11 Feb 2005: Coyote Attacks Pet Dog

The owner was waiting for her children to arrive on a school bus and 'Rocco', an 85 pound 'labradoodle', was on a leash. The coyote suddenly ran toward the dog and attacked, inflicting cuts and puncture wounds on Rocco's back legs, still visible in the photo at right.

After the attack, the coyote "just stood there and watched me," said the owner. "It was very scary." She had never seen a coyote in the area before this incident. link.

Netanya, Israel - 08 Feb 2005: Woman Attacked By Dogs

She suffered head injuries and was evacuated to a hospital. Haaretz (Israel) link.

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