Mumbai (Bombay), India - 07 Feb 2005: First Leopard Killing in 2005 Causes Panic

This attack, near the Sanjay Gandhi National Park, killed a child, and come four days after a leopard mauled a guard on the Indian Institute of Technology campus. The felines were reponsible for 22 deaths in the Mumbai area in 2004. link.

Norfolk, VA - 04 Feb 2005: Zoo Zebra Survives Lion Attack

The zebra escaped from its enclosure, only to end up in the lion area. The zebra suffered claw marks, while the lioness was covered with mud.

Last year this same zebra chased a rhino into a canal, where it drowned. The lioness had killed another zoo lioness in 2002. link.

Sacramento, CA - 04 Feb 2005: Male Zoo Lion Attacks, Kills Female Lion In Enclosure

The Sacramento Zoo's director said one cat has clashed fatally with another three times in the past 30 years.

"Aslan", the 8-year-old male lion, is shown here on the left. "Massina", a 14-year-old female, is on the right.

Sacramento Bee link.

Point Reyes, CA - 04 Feb 2005: Exotic Deer Invasion Threatens Environment

Too many fallow deer. That's the conclusion of wildlife experts at this reserve north of San Francisco, who fear that the Point Reyes National Seashore will be decimated. Readers of the Animal Attack Files will also know that large deer populations attract predators such as the mountain lion. San Francisco Chronicle link.

Hinesville, GA - 02 Feb 2005: Rattler Strikes Man At Wal-Mart

"This is not an unheard-of incident," an animal cotrol officer said. "Sometimes, when little old ladies move their plants inside into the heat, a snake in the plant will wake up.

Appropriately, the ten-inch-long baby timber rattler struck a man shopping in the lawn and garden section of the Liberty Wal-Mart. He was hospitalized; the snake was destroyed.

Denver - 02 Feb 2005: More Deer, More Mountain Lions - More Attacks?

Driven by concerns about the possibility of increased attacks on humans, the Colorado Division of Wildlife plans a research study to investigate the link between the deer and mountain lion populations. An estimated 5,000 mountain lions live in the state. Denver Post link.

Photo follows - click on the title of this story.

Sanibel Island, FL - 28 Jan 2005: 81 Alligators Killed Since Fatal Attack

Janie Malisek, 51, a Sanibel landscaper, was killed by a prowling alligator on July 21, 2004. Since then local trappers have killed 81 of the amphibious carnivores, an increase from the previous average of five to ten per year. The island is home to an estimated 300 alligators. Southwest Florida News-Press link.

Namalinde, Malawi - 27 Jan 2005: Man-Eating Crocs Prey On The Poor

"Over fishing is driving crocodiles to eat people," said professional crocman Khalid Hassen, who hunts them for a living. Reuters link.

San Jose, CA - 27 Jan 2005: Lurking Mountain Lion Shot In Subdivision

The mountain lion was the third Santa Clara County mountain lion that wildlife officials or police officers have shot to death in the past year. Apparently this same 80-to-90 pound lion was responsible for killing a goat a day before being shot, about 30 yards from a home. (Thanks to AAF Correspondent Mike Phillips for the tip on the goat killing.) San Jose Mercury-News link.

Photo follows - click on the title of this story.

Phillaur (Chandigarh), India - 24 Jan 2005: Leopard Killed After Injuring 7 Inside School

The two-year-old male leopard was discovered under a bench in a classroom of Arya National Secondary School at 8:15 in the morning. Police shot it after a two-hour struggle. Tribune of India link, and WebIndia link.

Orlando, FL - 20 Jan 2005: Houston Rockets Star Sued In Rottweiler Attack

The Houston Rockets basketball player Tracy McGrady owns a Rottweiler who attacked his house maintenance man and bit off part of his nose. The facts of the case are apparently not in dispute. ABC News link.

Atascadero, CA - 20 Jan 2005: Surge In Mountain Lion Attacks

Goat owners are losing their livestock, but have mixed reactions to the death sentence meted out to the responsible mountain lion. KSBY link.

Bryant, IA - 19 Jan 2005: Mystery Animal Deaths May Mean Mountain Lion Attack

There is gruesome evidence - a dead calf with its neck snapped and bite wounds, four horses with puncture wounds and hanging flesh and a broken gate - and some farmers believe a mountain lion is to blame. Others see no clear proof. Quad City Times link and an opinion column.

Veracruz, Mexico - 19 Jan 2005: Rottweiler Pack Kills Owner, Assistant

The five-dog pack fled but has since been tracked down and killed. San Francisco Chronicle link.

Paradise Valley, MT - 19 Jan 2005: Increase in Yellowstone Area Wolf Population May Mean Conflict

As new wolf-hunting rules come into effect, experts expect to see more human- and livestock-wolf contact. "As a society, we're still struggling to find a way to integrate wolves in a way that's acceptable," said Hank Fischer, a wolf specialist for the National Wildlife Federation who has worked on wolf issues in Montana for more than 20 years. He expects to see thriving wolf populations from Mexico to Canada. Bozeman Daily Chronicle link.

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