Rapid City. SD - 18 Jan 2005: Resident Captures Photos Of Moutain Lion Kill Site

A Rapid City suburbanite placed a motion-sensitive camera near a deer carcass, which recroded a sequence of pictures of a mountain lion returning to its kill. Rapid City Journal link.

Rome - 17 Jan 2005: Wild Wolves Return To Italy's Capital Region

Farmers in the Italy's Castelli Romani national park, where the wolf was found, have been complaining for weeks of damage to their livestock attributed to a wild animal. Link.

Blairgowrie, Australia - 15 Jan 2005: Shark Attack Disrupts Youth Sailing Race

The Bronze Whaler shark was between two and three meters long. Officials bashed the shark with an oar to fend it off, but it managed to rip a hole in part of the race boat. Herald Sun link.

Pit Bull Roundup - 14 Jan 2005

The controversial breed has appeared in a number of stories this week. In Lake Tahoe, CA, a man killed a pit bull as it attacked his pet Jack Russell terrier. Link.

In Sao, Paolo, Brazil, an alleged alcoholic was arrested after throwing his 88-year-old mother into a neighbor's yard, where she was mauled to death by a pair of pit bulls. Link.

In Yonkers, NY, a three-year-old is recovering from a New Year's Day attack. Link.

In Tarentum, PA (near Pittsburgh), a 13 year-old girl was attacked. Link. Continued...

Buckley, IL - 13 Jan 2005: Rottweiler Mix Dog Attacks, Injures 8 Year Old Girl

The child's mother said the girl was on her knees playing with dinosaur toys with a friend when the dog broke its chain and attacked her. The 85 pound, year-old dog knocked her down and continued biting her after she got up and ran to the house. Pantagraph.com link.

Palo Alto, CA - 13 Jan 2005: City On Alert After Mountain Lion Sighting

Hundreds of residents were cautioned to keep pets and children indoors. Two separate cats were spotted in the residential area. San Jose Mercury-News link (reg. may be req.)

Montreal, WI - 13 Jan 2005: City Officials Wary As Wolf Pack Closes In

"We're now seeing them as close as Ohio Avenue," the mayor told the city council Tuesday. "There are lots of kids and dogs on Ohio. They (wolves) are coming too close to the city." Ironwood Daily Globe Link.

Weed, CA - 12 Jan 2005: Mountain Lion Lurks Near School

"It was looking at me; I looked at him," said Aquila. "It was a staring contest for four to five minutes." Link.

Sault Ste Marie, MI - 12 Jan 2005: Wolf Kills Pet Dog In Front Yard

Five minutes after letting their dog out, the family says their neighbor knocked on their door to tell them he saw a wolf carrying the dead animal down the road. Link.

Lima, Peru - 12 Jan 2005: Rabid Bats Kill Twelve Children

Twelve young children have been killed by rabid bats in the Condorcanqui province bordering Ecuador. Yahoo News Link

Chicago - 11 Jan 2005: OSHA Clears State Park In 2004 Bear Attack

Federal officials conclude in their report that, while Wildlife Prairie State Park did not violate OSHA standards, it failed to adequately protect employees from accidental proximity to dangerous animals. Chicago Tribune (reg may be required) link, and week.com link.

Tuscon, AZ - 10 Jan 2005: Killer Bee Swarm Attacks Joggers

"Just this incredible buzzing," said one victim. "There's thousands of these bees swarming around us. Then they attack your face and your neck and your ears the most. They were just all over our head. And the searing pain."

Stories from KOLD-TV and KVOA-TV.

Key Lake, Saskatchewan - 10 Jan 2005: Timber Wolf Attacks Jogger

Wolf Victim Displays Bites
Fred Desjarlais, 55, a worker at a uranium milling facility, said "He had a big mouth and a big head." The timber wolf lunged at his head and sank its teeth into his leg as he jogged to a bus stop. Sierra Times link.

Followup: Two captured wolves test negative for rabies. CBC News link.

Los Angeles - 09 Jan 2005: Author Predicts Rise In US Animal Attacks

David Baron, author of The Beast In The Garden (which can be purchased from the Animal Attack Files Bookstore) writes in this major Los Angeles Times piece that American cities may come to share the experience of Bombay. Readers of these Files have seen many stories over the past several years describing leopard attacks in the expanding Bombay suburbs, as humans settle in areas where leopards still roam. Link.

Wellington, NZ - 07 Jan 2005: Scorpion Stings Traveller At Airport

"I felt this stabbing like a piece of glass," said the victim, who was at a check-in counter at the Auckland International Airport. He was not seriously injured. Link.

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