Bozeman, MT - 07 Jan 2005: Dog Snatched By Eagle Back At Home

After examining cuts around the dog's neck, the dog's vet said it had probably been snatched by an eagle. Boston Globe link.

Addison, MI - 07 Jan 2005: Hogs Go Wild

No one is sure where they come from, but officials fear a growing population of feral hogs may wreak havoc with native species. Jackson Citizen Patriot link.

Jalpaiguri, India - 04 Jan 2005: Leopard Attacks Injure 4

Three persons were injured in Manthani village, and another was seriously injured at the Malhati tea garden.

Port Blair, Andaman Islands - 01 Jan 2005: After The Tsunami Come Killer Crocs

Crocodiles are common across Southeast Asia and the South Pacific, and attacks are one of the many dangers survivors face after the December 26th disaster. Thanks to AAF Correspondent 'MFAUS' (and many others) for this link.

Lake Arrowhead, CA - 30 Dec 2004: Public Advised On Mountain Lion Presence In Southland

Experts from Sacramento's Mountain Lion Foundation addressed the issues caused by increased man/lion contact. Lake Arrowhead Mountain-News link.

Miami-Dade, FL - 30 Dec 2004: Police Respond To Attack, Kill Pit Bull

The owner denied that her pit bulls had left the yard. Link, with photographs.

Needham, MA - 30 Dec 2004: Coyotes Well Established In Boston Suburbs

While canis latrans is increasingly common, a state wildlife biologist denies that the hybrid popularly called the "coy-dog" exists at all. link, and Boston Globe link.

Centerville, MA - 30 Dec 2004: Raccoon Attacks Pet Cat, Injures Owner

The raccoon invaded the woman's porch and attacked. Animal control officers suspect the animal is rabid. link.

Orange County, FL - 29 Dec 2004: Neighbor's Pet Dog Saves Boy, 7, From Pit Bull Attack

The boy and the rescuing dog were mauled but will recover. link.

Maple Ridge, British Columbia - 29 Dec 2004: Rottweiler, Collie Invade Bedroom, Kill Sleeping 3 Year Old Boy

The family discovered their son dead in his bed of massive head injuries. UPI link.

The Mounties (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) plan to attend the autopsy and may seek charges. Edmonton Sun link.

Benton Harbor, MI - 29 Dec 2004: Wild Dogs Attack, Kill Goats

Three mixed-breed dogs killed 11 goats in this southwest Michigan county. South Bend Tribune link.

Billings, MT - 29 Dec 2004: 13 Grizzlies Killed in 2004 After Menacing Humans

A total of 31 grizzly bear deaths were recorded by state and federal scientists this year. WBOC-TV link.

Bozeman, MT - 29 Dec 2004: Wolf Attacks On Livestock Increase

The Bozeman Daily Chronicle reports that wolf/livestock incidents have more than doubled between 2003 and 2004. They are running at more than triple the rate the federal government predicted ten years ago, when the wolf repopulation program was expanded. Link.

Toronto - 27 Dec 2004: The Year In Canadian Dog Attacks

The Canadian Press year-end review of dog attack news across the country. Link.

Recife, Brazil - 27 Dec 2004: The Beach Where Sharks Attack

The BBC reports on the urban beaches of Recife, where an engineering project may have altered bull shark habitats in a way that encourages attack behavior. Link.

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