Rajkot, India - 20 Dec 2004: Leopard 'visit' Causes Panic At Temple

While the leopard did no harm on this visit, last year a leopard killed a boy in an area near the same temple. That animal was captured and taken to a local zoo. ExpressIndia.com link.

Marshalltown, IA - 16 Dec 2004: Mountain Lions Move East

A major story from the Washington Post documents the re-establishment of the mountain lion's historic range in the East of America. Link, registration required.

Bomet-Narok, Kenya - 16 Dec 2004: Farm Worker Mauled by Lion

A farm watchman is in hospital in critical condition after he was mauled by a lion near the Maasai Mara Game Reserve. Meanwhile elephants are also marauding near the park. AllAfrica.com link.

Bay St Louis, MS - 16 Dec 2004: Pit Bull Mauls, Kills Infant

From the sheriff's report: “The dog dragged the baby into the living room and bit the infant numerous times." Sea Coast Echo link.

Rift Valley, Kenya - 16 Dec 2004: Buffalo Kills Wildlife Artist

The well-known British artist Simon Combes, 64, was killed when he was charged by the one-ton animal, probably a Cape Buffalo. It threw him to the ground, stamped on him and then ripped open his torso with its horns. Electronic Telegraph link. Guardian link (with picture.)

Elbert County, CO - 16 Dec 2004: Woman Sentenced to 6 Years in Fatal Pit Bull Attack

"I'm bleeding severely," the victim's husband says on the 911 tape. "I've been attacked and I can't find my wife. One dog has blood all over his face. My wife is a lot smaller than me. I've got huge bite marks on my arm." Douglas County News-Press link.

Adelaide, Australia - 16 Dec 2004: Two Great White Sharks Pursue, Kill Teen Surfer

Witnesses described the sharks as being "as wide as the boat". Link and also here.

Cairns, Australia - 15 Dec 2004: Croc Bites Head, Boy Fights Back And Lives

The teen failed to notice the 8-foot croc until it attacked and seized his head in its jaws. UPI link. Herald Sun link.

Tri-cities area, TN -14 Dec 2004: Man Saves 4yr old From Pit Bull Attack

The 4 year old girl was playing near a relative's home when the dog broke free from its chain and attacked. WJHL News Channel 11 link submitted by AAF Correspondent Tacberry.

Cary, NC - 14 Dec 2004: Deer Rampage Through Stores

Two deer invade two neighboring shops and cause thousands of dollars of damage. Link.

Eagan, MN - 14 Dec 2004: Coyotes Suspected In Five Attacks On Dogs

This Golden Retriever was probably attacked by one of the coyotes.

State officials insist humans are not at risk. Minneapolis Star-Tribune link (registration required.)

St. Paul, MN - 14 December 2004: Coyotes blamed in pet attacks

Police urge prevention after spate of incidents St. Paul Pioneer Press: link.

Gainesville, FL - 14 Dec 2004: Man Bites Dog, Is Charged

The man (pictured above) told authorities that he routinely bit his Jack Russell Terrier to punish it. WKMG Local6 News link, and San Francisco Chronicle link.

Perth, Australia - 13 Dec 2004: Man Bitten By Tiger Snake

The man had just finished his meal at a fast food restaurant and was bitten while throwing out his trash. Link.

Balaghat, India - 12 Dec 2004: Child Killed By Tiger

A tiger mauled a 12-year-old tribal boy to death in Kalegaon village. Link.

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