Eagan, MN - 14 Dec 2004: Coyotes Suspected In Five Attacks On Dogs

This Golden Retriever was probably attacked by one of the coyotes.

State officials insist humans are not at risk. Minneapolis Star-Tribune link (registration required.)

St. Paul, MN - 14 December 2004: Coyotes blamed in pet attacks

Police urge prevention after spate of incidents St. Paul Pioneer Press: link.

Gainesville, FL - 14 Dec 2004: Man Bites Dog, Is Charged

The man (pictured above) told authorities that he routinely bit his Jack Russell Terrier to punish it. WKMG Local6 News link, and San Francisco Chronicle link.

Perth, Australia - 13 Dec 2004: Man Bitten By Tiger Snake

The man had just finished his meal at a fast food restaurant and was bitten while throwing out his trash. Link.

Balaghat, India - 12 Dec 2004: Child Killed By Tiger

A tiger mauled a 12-year-old tribal boy to death in Kalegaon village. Link.

Ocala, FL - 12 Dec 2004: Aggressive Dogs Still Plague Area

These wolf hybrids were able to break out of their yard and attack a neighbor's dog last month.

One year after the dog-mauling death of a Citra woman caused the county to tighten its animal control laws, the number of complaints for aggressive dogs remains high. Ocala Star-Banner

Dayton, FL - 12 Dec 2004: Roaming Dog Packs Threaten Neighborhoods

News that a 4-year-old boy was mauled to death Wednesday in Orlando comes as no surprise to Flagler County residents who fear a similar attack is imminent here. Link.

Kozhikode, India - 11 Dec 2004: Leopard Attacks, Injures Seven

After nearly three hours of high drama in this Southern Indian city, the leopard was gunned down by three trained policemen. Referred by AAF Correspondent Avinash. Link to The Hindu.

Bhubaneswar, India - 11 Dec 2004: Snake charmers threaten to attack Orissa assembly

The snake charmers had threatened to release around 5,000 snakes into the House. Link.

Chandigarh, India - 11 Dec 2004: Monkeys Rampage In Sector 10

"I came out and discovered these monkeys occupying positions all over our house. They were jumping over the roof and making loud thuds. Times of India link.

Cairns, Australia - 11 Dec 2004: Shark Kills Spear Fisherman

A 38-year-old Australian man died Saturday after being attacked by a shark while spear fishing on the Great Barrier Reef, police said. Link and also here.

Salem, OR - 10 Dec 2004: Ranchers Expect Reintroduced Wolves To Attack Livestock

Ranchers say reintroduction plan is overly restrictive because it requires that ranchers actually observe a wolf attacking livestock before it could be killed. OregonLive link.

Yosemite, KY - 09 Dec 2004: Cat Missing, SUV Damaged In Apparent Bear Attack

The vehicle was attacked at a residence in Casey County, Kentucky (near Evansville, IN.) One of the resident's three cats is now missing. Link.

Boston - 09 Dec 2004: Winter Moths Attack Trees


A plague of winter moths is attacking trees in suburban Boston. Link and also here.

Minneapolis - 08 Dec 2004: Yow! Police Dog Bites Nude Man in the Genitals

The dog bit the man while he was being arrested for running nude and entering homes in a Minneapolis neighborhood.
Link referred by AAF Correspondent ANCYM.

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