Dunedin, NZ - 08 Dec 2004: Leopard Attack Victim Returns Home

The film producer had been in a Johannesburg Hospital for most of the past three weeks after being attacked by a leopard while filming in a Namibian game park. Link.

Lancaster County, PA - 07 Dec 2004: Officials Deny Coyotes Represent Threat to Livestock

Game officials and veterinarians in the area say there are no confirmed cases of coyotes attacking pets and aside from one sheep attack, no evidence that Canis Latrans is preying on livestock. Lancaster New Era link.

Hesperia, CA - 07 Dec 2004: Six Goats Killed; Mountain Lions Suspected

Five pet goats were killed in an apparent attack by a cougar on Lime Street, and a goat was apparently mauled in a separate attack by a pair of the mountain lions. Link.

Albuquerque - 06 Dec 2004: Dogs Attack 2 Children In City Park

Two children are recovering after they were attacked by a Rottweiler and a mixed breed dog at a southwest Albuquerque park. Stories here and here.

Williamsport, PA - 1 Dec 2004: Penna. Game Commission Doubts Man, 97, Was Victim Of Bear Attack

Game Commission says injuries to man, 97, don't look bear-related. Link.

Sleeping Bear Dunes, MI - 1 Dec 2004: Ranger Spots, Identifies Mountain Lion On East Shore of Lake Michigan


The June, 2004 sighting indicates that the Mountain Lion (puma concolor, also known as the cougar, puma, panther and catamount) may have begun to repopulate its historic ranges east of the Mississippi River. USA Today Link.

San Francisco, CA - 1 Dec 2004: Mountain Lions Spotted Near San Francisco

Mountain Lion sightings in South San Francisco and nearby Moss Beach were reported on Monday. Link.

Spring Creek, NV - 1 Dec 2004: Mountain lion attacks horse

A mountain lion has attacked a yearling colt in its pen. The horse suffered torn hide and some deep scratches to is hindquarters, but should recover. Link.

Palo Alto, CA - 1 Dec 2004: Mountain Lion Seen Near Stanford Dish

The cat, a young cub, was seen on Nov. 12 near the Stanford Avenue gate to the Dish. Stanford Daily Link.

Johannesburg - 30 Nov 2004: Producer for Animal Planet recovering after Leopard Attack

Judith Curran, 46, was attacked by a hand-raised four-year-old leopard, Akira, at Harnas guest farm near Gobabis in Namibia. Link.

Lakewood, CA - 30 Nov 2004: Dog Dies After Attack By Swarm of Bees

A 4-year-old cocker spaniel has died after being stung by at least 100 bees in a suburb of Los Angeles. Link submitted by AAF Correspondent Wayne.

Empire, MI - 28 Nov 2004: Mountain Lion Warning Posted On Lake Shoreline

In the wake of repeated cougar sighting, signs have been posted at visitor centers and all 13 trailheads in and around the park that lies along Lake Michigan west of Traverse City. Indystar.com link.

Zululand, South Africa - 27 Nov 2004: Man Survives Hippo Attack

Victim Richard Gumede said, "I came out of its mouth when it tried to drag me into the deep waters of the lake.

South Sioux City, NE - 24 Nov 2004: Mountain Lion Killed While Perched In Tree

Students waiting for a van that takes them to school spotted the 120 lb. cougar lurking near the bus stop in a tree, and a state sniper shot it. Nebraska.statepaper.com link.

Whangerai, New Zealand - 23 Nov 2004: Dolphins save swimmers from shark attack

A group of swimmers told yesterday how a pod of dolphins saved them from attack by a great white shark off the coast of New Zealand.
Telegraph (UK) Link

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