Detroit - 23 Dec 2004: Pit Bull Attacks 7 Year Old

The boy was protecting his younger brother when the dog attacked. Link.

Karlstad, MN - 23 Dec 2004: Mountain Lion Tracked Moving East

A South Dakota State University professor who has been following the movements of the radio-tagged animal says that while it's rare for a cougar to attack a human, he cautions people to be careful. WCCO-TV link.

Belmont, MA - 23 Dec 2004: Coyotes May Attack Pets, Boston Suburb Warned

The town animal control officer warns that coyotes become territorial and more aggressive during the January/February breeding season and may attack small pets. Belmont Citizen-Herald link.

Barnstable, MA - 22 Dec 2004: Raccoon Attacks Family, Rabies Confirmed

The animal control officer in this Cape Cod town said that 42 out of 157 animals tested since June 2004 were rabid. Barnstable Patriot Link.

Tuscon - 22 Dec 2004: Pima County Records Over 2200 Dog Bites A Year

Annual Pima County statistics since 1998 indicate dog bites outnumber other animal bites by about 4 to 1. Tuscon Citizen link.

Marshall, NC - 22 Dec 2004: Coyote Attacks Dogs, Tests Positive For Rabies

A state lab confirmed this week that the animal that attacked neighborhood dogs did have rabies. According to state statistics, the rabies case is the first in North Carolina this year involving a coyote. Asheville Citizen-Times link.

Theni, India : - 22 Dec 2004: Leopard Mauls Couple In Forest

The couple were rescued by villagers who took them to hospital. Link.

Fargo, SD - 22 Dec 2004: Horse Attacked, Mountain Lion Suspected

"I've seen a lot of lacerations, but I've never seen something like that before," said the Fargo, SD, vet. "It's got to be some type of cat." IN-FORUM.COM

Bhandup, India - 20 Dec 2004: Water Workers Demand Insurance Against Leopard Attacks

Hydraulic department officials are living in fear of leopard attacks and have now demanded life insurance. Link.

Anchorage, AK - 19 Dec 2004: Bear Ate Victim - But Did It Kill Him?

Analysis of bear scat found along the shores of a remote lake in the Yukon Territory has confirmed that an experienced Alaska woodsman and predator scientist Bart Schleyer was eaten by a grizzly bear. It is not clear whether he was killed by the bear, or whether his remains were scavenged.
Anchorage Daily News Link.

Rajkot, India - 20 Dec 2004: Leopard 'visit' Causes Panic At Temple

While the leopard did no harm on this visit, last year a leopard killed a boy in an area near the same temple. That animal was captured and taken to a local zoo. link.

Marshalltown, IA - 16 Dec 2004: Mountain Lions Move East

A major story from the Washington Post documents the re-establishment of the mountain lion's historic range in the East of America. Link, registration required.

Bomet-Narok, Kenya - 16 Dec 2004: Farm Worker Mauled by Lion

A farm watchman is in hospital in critical condition after he was mauled by a lion near the Maasai Mara Game Reserve. Meanwhile elephants are also marauding near the park. link.

Bay St Louis, MS - 16 Dec 2004: Pit Bull Mauls, Kills Infant

From the sheriff's report: “The dog dragged the baby into the living room and bit the infant numerous times." Sea Coast Echo link.

Rift Valley, Kenya - 16 Dec 2004: Buffalo Kills Wildlife Artist

The well-known British artist Simon Combes, 64, was killed when he was charged by the one-ton animal, probably a Cape Buffalo. It threw him to the ground, stamped on him and then ripped open his torso with its horns. Electronic Telegraph link. Guardian link (with picture.)

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