Lakewood, CA - 30 Nov 2004: Dog Dies After Attack By Swarm of Bees

A 4-year-old cocker spaniel has died after being stung by at least 100 bees in a suburb of Los Angeles. Link submitted by AAF Correspondent Wayne.

Empire, MI - 28 Nov 2004: Mountain Lion Warning Posted On Lake Shoreline

In the wake of repeated cougar sighting, signs have been posted at visitor centers and all 13 trailheads in and around the park that lies along Lake Michigan west of Traverse City. link.

Zululand, South Africa - 27 Nov 2004: Man Survives Hippo Attack

Victim Richard Gumede said, "I came out of its mouth when it tried to drag me into the deep waters of the lake.

South Sioux City, NE - 24 Nov 2004: Mountain Lion Killed While Perched In Tree

Students waiting for a van that takes them to school spotted the 120 lb. cougar lurking near the bus stop in a tree, and a state sniper shot it. link.

Whangerai, New Zealand - 23 Nov 2004: Dolphins save swimmers from shark attack

A group of swimmers told yesterday how a pod of dolphins saved them from attack by a great white shark off the coast of New Zealand.
Telegraph (UK) Link

Newton, MA - 23 Nov 2004: Man campaigns for mayor on "Kill Coyotes" platform

Mayoral candidate Michael Striar vowed this week that, if elected, he would "hunt down and kill" all coyotes in Newton "regardless of state regulation, or environmental political-correctness." Link

Newton, MA - 23 Nov 2004: Coyotes devour pets

Tito disappeared from his Waban home two weeks ago, and Windsor Street residents suspect foul play. But Newton officials say they're prohibited from confronting the suspect, raising the ire of this pet-friendly community. Link

Blairstown, NJ - 19 Nov 2004: Teens pawed and bitten by prowling bear cubs

Three bears pawed at two Boy Scouts at a Yards Creek Scout Reservation in Warren County for more than an hour. Link

Rapid City, SD - 10 Nov 2004: SD Game Dept wants season on mountain lions

The chairman of the state Game, Fish & Parks Commission said Wednesday that he is convinced that South Dakota needs a hunting season on mountain lions. Rapid City Journal Link

Cape Town - 14 Nov 2004: Giant Great White Shark Kills Elderly Woman

A great white shark estimated to be at least 18 feet long attacked and presumably killed an elderly South African woman Monday off a beach near Cape Town, officials said. Link

Kakadu National Park, Australia - 14 Nov 2004: Killer Crocs To Be Moved

Man-eating crocodiles in a Territory national park will be moved to protect tourists as part of the new Crocodile Management Strategy.Link

Eureka, CA - 13 Nov 2004: Surfer Narrowly Escapes Shark

A surfer who was bumped off his board by a shark was able to push the animal away and paddle back to shore. Link

Jamestown, NY - 13 Nov 2004: A Jamestown teenager is recovering Saturday morning after a Pit Bull Attack

Police say a 16 year old girl was walking her pit bull on Prendergast Avenue Thursday when a loose pit bull suddenly attacked.WIVB TV4 Link

Gauhati, India - 13 Nov 2004: Elephants Rampage Terrorizing India Villages

Wild elephant herds have been terrorizing India's remote northeast, killing people, flattening houses and even guzzling local rice beer supplies, prompting villagers to retaliate against the pachyderms with firecrackers and bonfires.Fox News Link

Readfield, ME - 13 Nov 2004: Moose Attacks Hunter

This yearling moose was dispatched after it charged the hunter and a game warden.

An agitated bull moose apparently mistook a Manchester man for a would-be partner - and charged. Link

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