Washington DC - 05 Nov 2004: Coyotes Attacking Dogs in Rock Creek Park

Coyote Debuts in D.C. Park - After Dog Attacks, Sighting Confirms New Habitat. Link to Washington Post story

Taipei - 03 Nov 2004 : Lion Attacks Man In Taiwan Zoo

A test
The lion bites a disturbed man's arm. The man eventually left the enclosure on his own.

A lion attacked a man who jumped into the animal's enclosure and shouted "Jesus will save you!" at the big cat Wednesday at the zoo in Taiwan's capital. Link

Assam, India - 2 Nov 2004: Blood sucking monkeys attack children at Hindu temple

Monkeys lurking at at one of the most famous Hindu temples in India have attacked up to 300 children over three weeks, temple officials said Tuesday.

Tuscon - 1 Nov 2004: Possible Mountain Lion Attack Near Tucson Mountains

Mountain Lion

Arizona Fish and Game officials are investigating whether mountain lions killed two large dogs and injured a third near the Tucson mountains.KOLD News 13 Link

Bombay (Mumbai) - 30 Oct 2004: Bombay's big cats battle humans in scramble for space

Indian Leopard

Environmentalists say a slew of property projects and thousands of people squatting illegally in the Sanjay Gandhi National Park have intensified the ancient struggle between man and beast.
Asia Pacific News Link

Tirana - 13 Oct 2004: Stray dog pack attacks Albanian town

An Albanian town had to call in police and hunters after a pack of 200 stray mountain dogs attacked at least nine people. Link

Kansas City, MO - 22 Oct 2004: Stray Dog Pack Kills 6 Gazelles at KC Zoo

A pack of stray dogs entered the Kansas City Zoo and attacked a herd of gazelles, killing six of the animals, the AP reports. Link

Lompoc, CA - 13 Oct 2004: Pit bull enters house, corners owners and kills four pets.

The gray male dog entered the back yard of Renee Walker's home in the 1100 block of West Lime Avenue about 3:30 p.m. and walked into the living room through a sliding door, Walker said. The dog cornered her and her 12-year-old daughter, Sarah Willard, in the house until Renee's husband, Garry, chased it out with a baseball bat. Link to Santa Maria Times

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania - 19 Oct 2004: Toothache made lion eat humans

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The killer lion

The BBC is reporting that a man-eating lion linked to the deaths of at least 35 people in southern Tanzania may have killed because it had toothache. Link Story courtesy of AAF correspondent KashmirTim.

Yorks, UK - 18 Oct 2004: Rutting stag kills farmer

A deer farmer has been killed and another man seriously injured by a stag which attacked them during the rutting season.Link

Brasov, Transylvania - 20 Oct 2004: Second man dies after rabid bear attacks group of 8.

The news agency Mediafax reporter the victim, a 57-year-old man who had suffered severe head and back injuries, died of an asthma attack. Link

Kroonstaad, Free State, South Africa - 18 Oct 2004: Five-year-old attacked by lion at game lodge

The terrified parents of a five-year-old girl put up a fierce struggle to wrench their daughter from the grasp of a young lion at a game reserve.Link

IMPHAL, India - 10 Oct 2004: Old man injured in buffalo attack

An old man was seriously injured when he was attacked by a buffalo while he was at a house. Link



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